One lovely Blog Award

YAY!!!  A huge thank you to Jessica Harvey for the award!!!

Here’s how it works: You thank the person who gave the award to you by linking back to their blog. Then you list seven TRUE things about yourself and give the award to seven others!

Here are seven true things about myself (going for the quirky, weird, &/or random here):

1. I’m incredibly clumsy …like majorly, I don’t even know how I do it but I’ve been known to trip over air… haha I guess gymnastics and dance did nothing for me.

2. I have a nose piercing on my left side (as well as the usual ear piercings) and while I crave no more piercings, I do want a tattoo of the Sankofa bird either below (the underside) of my right hand or on my neck.

3. I really like the number 3, and 6, and 9.  They’re like my special numbers (they also are number that relate to my sign (see #4).  It used to be a rule (I’m much laxer on this now) whenever I saw anything three times, I had to pay attention to it (and if I saw a book three times, (like in a notable way it caught my attention), I had/have to read it).

4. I’m also really into astrological signs most particularly my sign, Aquarius.  I’ve always been able to sense when I’m talking to another Aquarius and so forth… I’ve found people really do act like their sign so it’s always interesting to see someone and think I bet they’re a Capricorn to find out… voila, they are (I have several Virgos, Aries and Capricorns in my life so I’m very good at telling them).

5. I talk aloud to myself a lot, first it was because of theater (middle-high school) …reciting lines, imagining costumes and makeup designs (I was also the head costume & makeup designer),  now it’s writing (I talk out scenes, plots etc…).  I’m weird & a tad bit crazy but I think all people who embrace their creative side (mostly 24/7) are weird and a tad bit crazy, I mean we have to be.

6. I want to adopt children (IMO, not weird/quirky just random).  I always have.  I have four younger siblings and I have no intention of birthing children.  Now I know people say “you just wait, sooner or later…”, haha no, I’ve wanted to adopt kids since I was little, I really don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

7. I love stuffed animals especially build-a-bears.  I have a whole box full of childhood stuffed animals.  I even still sleep with stuffed animals, I started acquiring stuffed animals on my own when I was eighteen with my Eeyore.  I also reward myself with stuffed animals (ex. reach a certain writing goal get a stuffed animal).  Next ones: Purple Unicorn Pillow Pet & either a Disney Princess Build-A-Bear (yep…they’re awesome) or some random one (for my birthday).

My awardees:

Also…readers, what are some of your quirks???

Whimsically Yours,



12 thoughts on “One lovely Blog Award

  1. I’ve always wanted to adopt instead of having kids the old fashioned way, too. I think it’s a really great goal, because not only are you getting to be a parent, then, but you’re also getting to help those kids by giving them a family. 🙂 Congrats on the award!

  2. I’m with you on adopting. I like kids, but I’d rather skip the whole biological birth process.

    And you’re right, people in creative fields have to be a little quirky. I find talking out loud makes it easier for me to organize my thoughts. I just try to make sure other people aren’t in the room, lol.

    • Yep, exactly! The quirkest people I’ve met are the creative ones…as for the talking out loud I try to make sure I’m alone too, I’m mostly successful with that. 🙂

  3. Just got the One Lovely myself, so thought I’d come see your Seven Things. I love that you want to adopt children rather than birthing them-hubs and I are what’s known as “preferential adopters”. I’m a Libra. Could you tell?

    • Thanks so much! I’ll have to check yours out 🙂 haha and no I couldn’t, surprisingly I actually don’t know that many Libras…so it’s nice to meet you!

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