Mid-January Updates

you are a writer(a little repetition never hurts)

Hello Everyone!

First, pat yourself on the back because you’ve made it through the middle of the first month of the New Year!!!  Second, give yourself a double pat on the back because I know you’re already at work on accomplishing those new year resolutions…oh, wait, you’re not?  Well…I suggest you get on it, nothing (nothing much anyway) was ever accomplished by sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself.

As the post title suggests/hints at, I have some updates for you all 🙂

  1. Go and give a huge shoutout/pat on the back to writer, Kelly Hashway because…(drumroll, please) it’s Touch of Death’s book birthday!!!!  Feel free to go check out my interview with Kelly and my review of Touch of Death!
  2. Feel free to congratulate writer Megan Whitmer on signing with Spencer Hill Press!! Her YA novel BETWEEN is due in September 2014  (she made the most adorable/sweetest video to announce the news).
  3. Yesterday, I accepted a position as intern with the lovely Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger Agency…I’m mostly going to be reading YA & MG submissions!!!  I’m overjoyed to begin and…I’ll be posting anything I learn on the job, that I can post, on this blog!!!
  4. As you probably know I’ve been querying well lately I’ve received some full manuscript requests that have been rejected in the end.  Yesterday, I had a mini mental breakdown that was only made slightly better by the news in #3.  I’m usually pretty tough about all of this but I thouroughly research all agents I submit to and I thought this one  was THE one.  But I knew this was going to be a long road and this journey so far has just proven what I’ve been thinking a lot lately which brings me to…
  5. I’m revising BLOOD OF ISIS, after reading a few blog posts including one by Megan Whitmer, I realized I have to be willing to start all over if I want to succeed.  Now maybe I won’t go as far as Megan did (deleting everything and starting/rewriting from scratch) but I’ve found a gold mine of blog posts and I plan on going through every one of them.  That in addition to me becoming an editing client of the amazing teen writer, agent intern, and editor, Taryn Albright who I’ve heard a lot about….well, let’s just say I’m not giving up.  In fact I’m even more convinced that 2013 is the year, last summer was the catalyst and now the wheels are churning and everything is getting ready to go 🙂
  6. Thanks to a post by fellow Aquarius and favorite author, the wonderful Meg Cabot, I’ve dropped/set aside my work on WIP WHIMSICALLY YOURS, and started back working on THE OTHERWORLDLY CHRONICLESIt’s going well so far, I’ve fallen back in love with the story.  Honestly, although I still don’t know what I’m going to do when I get to the middle (I literally have blankness in my mind when I think of it), I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing…writing.  I’ve miraculously been writing thousands of words a day with ideas coming from who knows where (maybe my genius???) so hopefully the same will happen when I reach the soon to-be-approached middle.

I’ve heard frightening stories about the middle, stories of lone writers going and if they make it back at all they’re a shadow of their former selves, all shriveled up and burnt out. I know, you’re thinking, you’ve written a book before…but I honestly only remember writing BLOOD OF ISIS, finishing, and outlining and revising the beginning and end…it’s almost as if I was in a trance and didn’t think at all when I wrote the first draft.  But I’m going to write all of this story even if I have to take three month break from writing (haha, now that would drive me crazy) when I’m done!

I hope your writing and non-writing endeavours are going well…how are you progressing, any big or little updates???

Whimsically Yours,



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