The Rise of New Adult? – The Registry by Shannon Stoker

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The idea of the New Adult Genre/Category, what have you, is quite interesting.  As I discussed in an article I wrote for my college’s newspaper, New Adult is the bridging of YA and Adult.  In fact many books that have been sold as older YA or Adult in the past, such as Tracy Chevalier’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, would now be considered New Adult.  If New Adult were to become a thing.

However as stated in my article, in order for this to actually become a reality, there would have to be more New Adult books being sold to a traditional publisher.  In addition we, the readers, would have to demand publishers to accept New Adult books because without those critieria, writers may keep writing NA but publishers won’t publish it nor will bookstores have a NA section.

Well, it looks like the NA boat may have just set sail for now only in 2012 did a New Adult book get sold to a traditional publisher, HarperCollins Imprint, William Morrow Paperbacks, according to Publisher’s Marketplace it also sold in a six-figure, three-book deal.

The book, Shannon Stoker’s, New Aduilt debut THE REGISTRY, set in a United States in which girls are breeders and the prettiest girls go to the highest bidders, tells the story of the one young woman who refuses to play by those rules.

Sound like anything???  How about a mix of the Adult novel, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale & the YA novel, Wither by Lauren DeStefano (of course I guess that would produce a NA novel)?

Well, as someone who fits in the New Adult category and a huge fan of Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale, you can bet I will be snagging me a copy as soon as it is released on June 11, 2013.

Congrats to Shannon Stoker and her agent Paula Munier, in her first deal as an agent, at Talcott Notch Literary Services!

What are your thoughts on New Adult books?  Know of any NA books to be published this year? 

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12 thoughts on “The Rise of New Adult? – The Registry by Shannon Stoker

  1. It’s taken a while to catch on, but I’m seeing more and more editors who are listing NA as a category they will look at. Once we see more of these books showing up in the publishers’ catalogs it won’t be long before the shelves get labeled NA in the bookstores.

    • Same, I’ve seen a few agents listing it too; I look forward to the day when there is a NA category although I do suspect with YA reaching older audience it’s going to become more of a challenge to define where older YA ends and NA begins.

  2. I think new adult has been in the making for a few years. I think St. Martin’s press started there NA line in late 2010 or early 2011. And I’m glad to see more adult plots with the fresher YA voice, but I don’t like that a lot of things are being categorized based on their level of inappropriateness rather than the age of the characters and storyline.

    • Thanks for you comments Beth…St. Martin’s Press has really been the major press helping with the spread of NA. I’m with you there though, inappropriateness is not a way to categorize that runs the risk of making great & truely YA books NA because of subject matter.

  3. Sounds like an intriguing book. I also think NA will continue to flourish, as self-published authors are driving the train right now in this area, and can categorize their books as they wish. If they want to call their book NA, it’s NA. The appearance of indie published NA on the NY Times best seller list (My Favorite Mistake) is going tell publishers loud and clear that the time for NA has come. Money talks and so do best sellers.

    • I agree, money does talk–that’s one of the main reasons YA is so huge for it, readers have demanded it and writers love writing it. I’m really excited to see where NA will go, and love how self-published authors are driving its success!

      I haven’t heard of My Favorite Mistake; I’ll have to check it out, thanks 🙂

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