2013 Book to Movie Challenge

booktomovieI know reading books before movies can end horribly (in the case of Eragon) or wonderfully in the case of (Harry Potter – I actually thought they were great adaptations & LOTR) nevertheless, a bookworms gotta do what a bookworms gotta do.

I’ve chosen Movie Devotee which means I’m reading 6 books:

  1. Beautiful Creatures – I’ve seen it in bookstores everywhere and now with all of the hype about the movie I figured why not now
  2. Ender’s Game – people seem to say amazing things about it & with a movie cast including Harrison Ford & Abigail Breslin, how can I say no
  3. The Host – I gave up on Meyer after my disappointment with Breaking Dawn & when this book first came out I just wasn’t interested…but the movie seems like it might be good so I suppose I owe the book me trying to read it before watching it on the big screen
  4. Daughter of Smoke & Bone – Universal Pictures bought worldwide rights to it and with all of the hype from the book, I’m sure it’ll be on the big screen sometime soon aka it is time (for me to read it)
  5. Incarceron – there hasn’t been much talk of this becoming a movie lately (was a lot in 2011) but I’ve been wanting to read the book for a while so what the heck
  6. Delirium – the right’s were bought by Fox 2000, I actually had this book checked out from my local public library for the longest time yet never got around to reading it…well enough dilly dallying, I’m gonna do it!


  • His Mortal Instruments series – trust, yes, I’ve read it, but that was years ago back when I was a Cassandra Claire fan girl.  I only read the first book in the series, loved it, yet never continued.  So as a bonus I’d love to re-read it, at the very least, before seeing the movie (that I am not at all happy about…sorry but Jace should be much hotter).

–Yes, yes, I know re-reading can be even worse than reading it the first time, I didn’t allow myself to re-read any of the HP books before seeing the movies so I wouldn’t get so frustrated about every little detail that was different (maybe that’s why I like them so much).  But it has been years, I honestly only remember the beginning and the end of City of Bones.

Those are my 2013 book to movie to-reads, even if you’re not doing the challenge, what are some of yours?

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. If you haven’t read Divergent yet you should, it’s A) amazing, B) (if you’re into comparisons) possibly better than Hunger Games, and C) it’s being made into a movie, so far with Shailene Woodley signed on to play the protagonist, Tris.





12 thoughts on “2013 Book to Movie Challenge

  1. Wow. I want to watch them, too. In fact, this inspires me to do the same for this year since I seldom watch movies.

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