Sovereign by E.R. Arroyo

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Before sharing with you my review of E.R. Arroyo’s YA Dystopia, Sovereign, I wanted to apologize for be absent these past few days and thus going off my promised schedule   I had a bunch of technology issues, for some reason my laptop wouldn’t connect to the school’s internet but I’m back now…Enjoy!!!


Sovereign (Sovereign, #1)

Book Blurb

Chemical warfare has obliterated most of the world, including America, and the survivors have turned into feral beasts, save one colony, Antius, the last remnant of civilization.

Seventeen-year-old Cori (aka Citizen 1206) only longs for wide open spaces and freedom. But Antius has no use for such things, just mindless drones to serve in a place with walls, fences, and laws. A lot of laws, which Cori constantly breaks. So she’s spent years plotting her escape, which is the only thing that will save her from the colony’s deranged leader, Nathan.

She isn’t looking to be a hero, and she certainly isn’t looking to fall in love, but she just might do both.

My Review

Owl rating:

First I just want to say that I love Dystopias, I’ve been reading them before they were popular, since I was a little girl, so I am quite used to typical dystopian tropes and such.  As a result I tend to be very critical of Dystopias, especially YA Dystopias, they tend to follow a very typical storyline, girl is special (doesn’t know), has a rebellious streak (sometimes super rebellious sometimes reluctant(ish)), girl then meets boy and together they bring down the civilization but not before suffering a lot of losses, etc…Yeah it gets old.

So when E.R. Arroyo, a writer friend of mine I met via Twitter, asked me to read her YA Dystopia manuscript (this was before she began querying) I was like okay, she’s helped me so much along the way, but deep inside I was reluctant and afraid it would be like all the others.  But it wasn’t, it’s an amazing book.  Actually because of this book I kinda want to create some sort of special shelf for books that go above and beyond genre tropes or something, I’ll think on that more later.

Yes, Sovereign does have a girl main character who is rebellious who ends up having a romance with a boy and together well…you know the rest.  However the writing was so strong, the world was rich.  It reminded me of bits of Brave New World, and I Am Legend and other books/movies I can’t remember at the moment (I should have written it down when I was reading but oh well).

Arroyo crafts a beautiful story of a young woman who was and is forced to grow up way before her time.  Cori is funny and she’s smart, thank you for that, the YA world is always in need of more smart heroines.  She also is incredibly loyal even though her life is almost constantly at risk she’s always caring for others, very Katnissy yet much rougher.

As for the other characters in the book, well they are very clever as well, very well-rounded and realistic characters.  I can’t wait for the sequel. So congratulations, I am thoroughly impressed, I look forward to hearing of Sovereign topping Amazon bestseller as well as other bestseller lists in he near future.

Visit E.R.’s website to check out more information on Sovereign as well as where to buy it from, currently it is only offered in ebook edition but I have been told that paperbacks are soon to come 🙂

**This is a 100% honest review, I received the book from the author**

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