What happens when you’re a newly agented writer??? Read this to find out more 🙂

The Blabbermouth Blog

Guest post by my new client M-E Girard:

You’ve written a stellar manuscript and polished it like crazy. Then, you do your agent-related homework: You compose an eye-catching query letter; you spend hours researching agents you think would be a great fit; then you stalk them until you find some good stuff to insert in your query. All that can become a full-time job. You’re told that finding an agent who will even request a partial is hard, and that you will be rejected. But you must get there so you get lost in the chase.

But here’s the thing: What happens after an agent requests your full, offers to represent you, and then receives your signed contract?

My name is M-E Girard and although I’m a nobody, in my little world, I have arrived, people. I have signed with a literary agent (which is why I’ve been…

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