Goodbye BOOKTOBER…Hello NaNo…

BOOKTOBERFEST has come and gone.  It was a great celebration of books, October, writers…but now it’s November aka NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month and it’s basically a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel (or more) in 30 days–by the end of November 3oth.  But before we get to NaNoing talk, I have some announcements!!!

  1. I’ve realized I cannot post every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday…BOOKTOBERFEST was AHmahzing but that in addition to the posting schedule I started in September, tired me out.  My father always likes to say less is better so less it shall be.  

Therefore I will be posting every Wednesday…these Wednesday posts will be posts about my life, fashion, etc…as for book reviews and author interviews they will still happen however they will not necessarily be weekly.

2. I am going to also try to post every Sunday morning or evening before the week begins…I am not officially stating Sunday as a post day because my Sundays are always hectic but I liked the posts I did on Sundays during BOOKTOBERFEST, so maybe on Sundays I will post my goals for the week, etc…thoughts?

3. Look at how much this blog has grown…it was just a wee one once upon a time with only one post and no followers now it’s full grown…we’re/it’s like a family!!!  Thanks for continuing to read my blog 🙂

4. I really like doing giveaways (and I think you do too), so for this month in honor of the release of The Bar Code Prophecy by Suzanne Weyn, the third (and final?) book in The Bar Code Tattoo series (the first two came out in 2005 & 2006).  It is one of my all time favorite series so I am giving away ONE Hardback edition of The Bar Code Prophecy (post with info to come lata).  I also will be re-reading them all and reviewing them 🙂

5.  I need to focus more on my second career (the first is being a student) writing.

And that brings me to the end of my announcements and on to NaNoWORLD.  Oh NaNoWriMo, well, as my widget thingy on my left sidebar says, I have only written 512 words and it’s the end of day 4 :/

Of course, honestly  that’s an improvement from last year in which I only made an account.  It’s actually quite funny because I wrote an article on why college students should do NaNoWriMo for my college’s student-run newspaper, and here I am now.

But I have some thoughts:

  • I don’t write regularly enough.  I mean sure I blog but rarely do I allow myself to just write on one given subject area.
  • That’s when I realized it’s because my mind is so sporadic and I’m always thinking about 50,000 things instead of the 50,000 words I should be trying to reach
  • I wrote BLOOD OF ISIS in what was probably, roughly 1 1/2 -2 months.  I was able to accomplish that because although I was working at the same time I had lots of free time throughout my work day to write.
  • But I can’t quite school…hahaha but seriously.
  • Soo…here’s what I’m going to do:
  1. I will wake up early and write every morning, I used to do that regularly then I stopped.  I need to wake up and write before anything else gets on my mind.
  2. I also need to have more self-discipline….there’s always going to be something else going on
  3. I don’t necessarily have to finish my current WIP, THE TIME TRAVELER’S SECRET for NaNoWriMo.  Sure, it would be nice but honestly I know I can finish it when I get home.  
  4. What I do need to do is write about anything…

So officially from  this moment forward, my NaNoWriMo goal is to just write 50,000 words of something with some kind of unifying theme…maybe it will be the beginnings of my memoir (lol) or maybe a collection of essays but I think the important thing is not to force my writing.  In addition to having tons of free time with nothing else to do but write, the reason I finished BLOOD OF ISIS was because it was calling to me.  I had to finish it, I wrote 24/7 on my computer, in journals, everywhere.  

So maybe the problem (or whatever) is that I need to find out what makes me tick, why I love writing so much, and why nothing else has called me (even though I have some stellar book ideas) as much as BLOOD OF ISIS did (and still does).

Okay, okay fine…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! See you at the finish line…Bring. It. On. 🙂

How do you manage your time between writing (or any of you endeavors) and life?  Also are you NaNoing…tips pour moi, what’s your personal goal (doesn’t have to be NaNo related).

TTYL…Ta Ta For Now

Whimsically Yours,


P.S. Congratulations to the winners of BOOKTOBERFEST’S giveaways 🙂  They have all been notified but like I said there are more to come!



8 thoughts on “Goodbye BOOKTOBER…Hello NaNo…

  1. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I’m attempting to finish out a novel this month that I’ve been working on since Camp NaNoWriMo back in June, so I might not be going for a full 50k, but I’m most definitely NaNoing right now.

    As for tips: I’ve made a schedule for myself, independent of the NaNoWriMo “1,667 words a day” thing, for how much I need to write each day this month to finish on time, taking into consideration when I have tests, friends visiting, etc. Then, also, I require myself to finish all of my homework before I’m allowed to even THINK about starting on my daily goal.

    It turned out pretty bad over the weekend, because I ended up having to work on Spanish homework for upwards of 7 hours yesterday, but I still managed to get my writing done and sleep for a few hours last night.

    In general, I spend the morning and afternoon in classes, doing homework, socializing, etc, and then I reserve my evenings for writing.

    • Thanks Julia! I should do that. I completely understand being so busy, I try for early mornings and evenings for my writing time. But between all the other writing for classes sometimes the “1,667 words a day” thing seems impossible. I was going to try to finish my scifi novel for NaNo…even though it won’t be finish, I’m sure it will be more than 50K..instead of my MG book because my MG book will most likely be shorter than 50K, but we shall see.

      What’s your novel about?

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