Teens Can Write TOO!

Hello All,

I’m super duper excited to bring you the final themed week inBOOKTOBERFEST!...Teens Can Write TOO!  A collection of interviews with teens at various stages of the writing process 🙂

Why I’m doing this:

As a teen we have a lot going on and often we’re not recognized for our accomplishments and what we can do, often light is only shed on what we cannot do.  The first part of my Teen Can Too Series was Teenagers Have Wisdom Too! A collection of reblogged posts from teen blogs that highlighted the wisdom that teens have.

Because I’m a teen writer I understand exactly how challenging it is to balance life as a teen, in my case life as a college student, with my writing.  To me it’s like having a career and going to school at the same time (at least that’s what I try to treat it as).

I started writing when I was little because I wasn’t satisfied with the way some of the books I read ended and thought I could write better ones.  However it wasn’t until this summer that I actually completed my first  novel!!!  Now I have a wonderful completed manuscript ready to be queried, a beautiful blog, and a gorgeous professional writer’s site!

I truly believe that if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.  As teenagers we have so much potential so this week let’s celebrate that!!

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Whimsically Yours,


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