Oh Mythology, Where Art Thou?

Hi Readers,

I’m starting a new post series on Mythology and its place in the YA novel.  This post series is a part of YA Takeover Week, and the idea for it stemmed from my love for mythology and the bucketloads of mythology that can be found in my YA Contemporary Fantasy – BLOOD OF ISIS.

Have a great day!

Pick up any book on the Young Adult Shelf in your local bookstore and what are you likely to find within its pages (aside from kissing)…mythology!  In today’s world in which everything known and unknown is being used to weave wondrous stories, mythology is king. 


Because, Mythology is known yet unknown.


Let me explain…You see mythology is old or rather ancient, therefore it’s familiar like Shakespeare (this when the ahhs of understanding start to flow in) however because mythology is such a vague, vast term it’s unknown.  Unless you’re a scholar of mythology it’s unlikely you are familiar with every myth even then most mythology scholars focus on one classical civilization or region.

Thus mythology is the perfect element to include in your novel to give it a little umpf 😉

Wait, so if mythology is so important, why aren’t there more “just mythology” based books in YA?

Great question J And the answer (*cough, cough – my guess) is that mythology is hard.  It’s very hard, not just challenging, to write a book that takes a spin on a classical myth…why?

Because you run the risk of but two main things (probably more than this):

  1. You’ll try to include everything and instead of making the story your own it’s just a jumble of facts from random civilizations
  2. You’ll stick with the accepted myths (aka mostly Greek myths) and will have a hard time trying to make your story stand out in the sea (maybe even ocean) of similarly based stories

So where to start???  How to research???   How to craft a beautiful story that has many or few elements of mythology…I’ll tell you!

Stay tuned for the next post in series, it will be out later today (aka around 11, when I get out of class).

Have anything you’d like me to address, any tips you’d like to share, personal experiences or stories…comments are always welcome!

Whimsically Yours,



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