Oh Mythology, Where Art Thou? (#2)

(guess where this comes from???)

Where to start???  How to research???   How to craft a beautiful story that has many or few elements of mythology…these are the questions I left you with in the first part of Oh Mythology, Where Art Thou?: A Post Series On Mythology and Its Place in the YA Novel.

Mythology is what civilizations are built upon or maybe that’s going too far; mythology is foundational to every civilization???

Well anyway, I think you get my point.  Mythology was a way for whole cultures and ways of living to be passed down oraly or written in the form of myths.  Some of these myths such as the myths of the Greeks, which are by far the easiest to undertsand, are widely known and others such as the myths of the Egyptians, which I focus on in BLOOD OF ISIS, are not so easy to understand nor are they as widely known.  

Why is this?  Where does one interested in including myths start?…here come question vomit…not real vomit (that was a Mean Girls related reference, if you don’t get it you probably just think I’m gross).

As to why is this, the way the Greek Mythology is structured and Roman Mythology as well (for the most part) is that there are a set number of “main gods” with other lesser deities, etc, etc, etc…there’s pretty much one unified creation myth (myth that tells how they “got to be”) and other various myths that are well preserved.  Thus it has made it easy for modern people to study them and pass them down which is why they’re everywhere.  Nike anyone???…no the people behind the company didn’t come up with that one on their own.

In contrast Egyptian Mythology is so much harder to understand.  Why?  Well sure there are your well-known gods and goddesses, Ra, Isis, Osiris, Seth….but even those gods and goddesses aren’t widely known nor are they always referenced by those names.  The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses have various names, symbols, depictions  and not to mention it’s all in hieroglyphics and most of it is underground or destroyed which makes it that much harder to find unified myths.  It’s the same way for many other well known civilizations such as the Aztecs and Mayans…there just isn’t enough information or too much to sort it all out.

And that’s where I’m going to leave you, until next time 🙂  Maybe then I’ll actually answer the questions: Where to Start, How to research, and How to craft a beautiful story that has many or few elements of mythology 😉

Have anything you’d like me to address, any tips you’d like to share, personal experiences or stories…comments are always welcome!

Whimsically Yours,



2 thoughts on “Oh Mythology, Where Art Thou? (#2)

  1. Great post! I haven’t see/read YAs which focus on Egyptian mythology. I think it’d be super cool to have a few of those around. I look forward to reading BLOOD OF ISIS 🙂

    • Thanks Celia,

      Interestingly enough and very good for BLOOD OF ISIS there are very few ya novels that focus on Egyptian mythology, most are older books ex. Sisters of Isis series by Lynne Ewing…however there are MG books, ex. Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles

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