Oh What A Beautiful Day It Is

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. There are many things I could say in relation to this topic but what fits best is me simply stating, I’ve been there. I’ve had some very rough times during some critical development points in my life. However looking back, when I really evaluate those days, they have made me 100% the absolutely amazing 😉 person I am today.

I know what it feels like, for instance, to wish so strongly that your life was that of your favorite book character rather than where you are now, and I know how hard it is to tell others how you feel or to express what you’re going through. Some people just know, without words being said and as for others it’s horrible, it sucks…some just don’t get it, they never will.

But I’m not asking for anyone’s pity, all I’m asking is that on this day and every day, let’s all be a little or rather a lot nicer to everyone. Hug someone you haven’t hugged in a while, greet a stranger with a smile, because for all you know that Random Act of Kindness could make a person’s day that much better or even save their life.

My father once told me that “the question isn’t whether or not the sun will rise tomorrow but whether you will rise with the sun.”

Now I know that is kind of obvious but him saying it changed everything for me. I no longer felt like having a private pity party, I know it’s not so easy for many, that is just my story. So every day I wake up with the sun, most times I wake up before it. Just to show myself that I can. Am I always happy? Yes, because I choose to be but that doesn’t mean I don’t get sad sometimes.

Remember, the most important thing we can do is believe in ourselves, because others might not. However that can also be THE hardest thing to do, over the years I’ve had to learn to not be so hard on myself because what I found out is that I was actually the main person keeping me down, not anyone else. Sure there will always be people who want to “knock you down a peg or two” but self-confidence can make them so much easier to ignore. I still haven’t told my mother I consider myself to be a writer and that writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life…it would probably result in her having a heart-attack, so I’ll wait until I have the book deal 🙂

But anyway, what I really want to say is that you are powerful, beautiful, and just by you believing in yourself…when no one else does, when everything has taken a turn for the worst and never seems like it will get any better…you validate yourself and you give yourself a reason to keep pushing on.

I fight an endless battle every day and it is completely and totally worth it; that was a decision I made. And I know I’m never going to regret it. So on this beautiful Monday Morning, wake up and smile, do a little dance (or a big one), and tell yourself how amazing today and you already is/are. Say it until you believe it. And don’t forget to share your happiness with others, that more than donating to charity or volunteering is the simplest and easiest thing we can do to impact a person’s life for the better 🙂 Also know that sometimes happiness and words aren’t enough, sometimes all someone needs is for someone to believe in them and sit and listen to them…without saying anything.

–If you want to view a post that had me nearly in tears, that really resonated with me by a fellow writer click here…and remember to share the love 🙂

Oh so very Whimsically Yours,


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