Love Lists (part two – reflections)

In “Love Lists (part one – the lists)” I wrote down what I love about my current projects, in this second part I want to reflect on that short exercise.

As I was writing down everything I loved about my manuscripts I was so surprised because 1) with BLOOD OF ISIS I’m in the editing & revising process and there are so many times that I hate my writing, the story & characters, and 2) with CONFESSIONS OF A PRE-TEEN WITCH I have only been able to write the first few pages yet many of the things I wrote that I love haven’t occurred in those first pages.

So it’s interesting that even though I feel anger or have writer’s block towards my projects, I love them so much and in my head I’ve already written more of the story than is actually typed out.

It’s such a crazy feeling, and I’m sure many of you can relate, but I have a busy life and it’s taken a lot for me to realize that my life is busy by choice therefore if writing is really that important to me, I need to make time for it.

Also I love my manuscripts, they are my babies, and especially with BLOOD OF ISIS, that is almost reading to be queried, I feel so many emotions towards it.  I feel like I’m constantly hating it and then randomly I’ll start laughing at a scene I’m editing.  Sometimes I want to throw the whole thing away and sometimes I’m like “it’s querying time!”.  And as my babies I want the best for them, I don’t want to give up or slack off and have them not be as successful as they could have so it’s hard.  I guess like the girl in Mean Girls says “I just have a lot of feelings”.

But I’m so grateful to this exercise, it truly was short & sweet!  It helped me see that, as always, I’m being too hard on myself, and that my manuscripts are really good even if I find the occasional grammatical error or plot gap.  I love my stories and I cannot wait to write more & see them in bookstores.  I know not everything I write will be something I want to publish but these two stories HAVE to be published.  I have this deep feeling that they just have to be and will be.  It really is not a question in my mind of whether or not they will be published, it’s more a question of when???  Patience is truly a writer’s best friend.

What are you reflections from doing this exercise or similar ones that relate to your project(s)?

Whimsically Yours,



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