Love Lists (part one – the lists)

Hi Readers!  I recently found this post on Love Lists which are lists of what you love about a  new project you are beginning.  In the post it refers to the project as a new manuscript and for my lists it will be the same however Love Lists  can be done for many new projects.

Love List for BLOOD OF ISIS:

  • friendship
  • mythology
  • humor
  • romance
  • deception
  • twists
  • Alexis’s love for fashion
  • Camille’s frankness
  • Jordan’s calmness
  • Aziza’s self-doubt and eventual faith in herself
  • Egypt – the places they go on their adventures
  • The Sphinx
  • the sequel (even though I haven’t started it)
  • all the characters, I love the personalities of the gods & goddesses
  • the last scene (before the epilogue)
  • Aziza’s grandmother – such a kind & strong soul
  • the stubbornness Aziza & her mother share
  • Lawrencehill
  • Boston
  • Seth – such a great bad guy
  • David – boy is he a bad boy – “love interest”


  • Gwyn – she reminds me so much of my younger self
  • Chelsea – Gwyn’s best friend, always getting them into trouble
  • the last scene
  • the opening scene
  • witches
  • the witch world
  • Gwyn’s family
  • Derek Miller – “love interest”
  • Jennifer Washington & Jessica, Juliet aka The Wicked Witch of the West & her flying monkeys aka the popular girls
  • middle school – even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my favorite time
  • her math teacher – Mr. Moreau
  • her drama teacher – Mr. Wilkinson

What do you love most about your newest project???

Whimsically Yours,


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