King’s On Writing – Review

I just started reading On Writing, when I finish I’ll definitely post about it but this is a great review. If you are a writer you MUST/NEED to read his book. King has an amazing no bullsh*t approach to writing and life, something that is said and seen from the first few pages.


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Book Escape in New West: Reviews & News

ImageOn Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is the best book I have read on writing. It covers the questions of new writers and would provide interest to more experienced ones.

I had an idea for a new novel a few years back and researched “How to Write a Novel.” The best advice came from an author and teacher who gave full direction on every part: theme, character development, plotting and more. It was dissected like a scientist. So, I spent many hours creating characters, storyboards and pondering my theme. Well, Stephen King states throw it all away and just start writing. He could not have been more right, at least in my case. The first novel notes are still around, but it was never written. Now, I have over 10,000 words of a new novel, and I feel the passion of what drove me in the first place. This…

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