Set Unrealistic Goals

Set Unrealistic Goals is one of my three mottos listed on my writer site

I’ve always thought it very interesting that when we are younger we are told to “dream big” or “be whoever we want to be” but as we get older it turns into “be realistic.”

Yet the funny thing is those who we considere successful, were anything but realistic.  If they were realistic they would have never dropped out of college and started what became a Fortune 500 company, for example.  Instead I prefer to tell myself and others to set unrealistic goals.

Why? Take writing for example. When I begin writing something, I don’y know where I’m going.  Even if I have outlined or know the ending, as I usually do, that still only tells me so much.  But if I tell myself, for example: get through the Underworld today (a scene in one of my manuscripts) even if I am five scenes away it gives me a place to go.

If I tell myself get to the beginning of the spa scene (only about a scene away), then I have limited myself.  When you know you can do more than write a few hundred to a thousand words a day, why be realistic and tell yourself to write only that?  As the quote at the top of this post says: aim for the moon for even if you fail, you will land among the stars.

I’m not saying you have to be an overachiever.  This is just what works for me.  I know that if I only shoot for the stars I might settle and not accomplish my goal, but if I shoot for the moon I might fall short but at least I will land among the stars and be content, not living a life of regret.  (**Of course there are always exceptions, sometimes settling is not such a bad thing**)

Set unrealistic goals in your life, take chances that others tell you not to (it’s might be just their fear talking anyway), and put all of your eggs in the basket.  Who cares if you fail, as Albert Einstein said (paraphrased), your failures are just lessons in how not do do something, at least you can say that you got up off your butt and tried.

I’m off to go write, I have this oddly unrealistic goal of finishing all my revisions today 🙂

**This post is a part of my “how to write a book” post series however its advice can be taken outside of the writing world.**

Whimsically Yours,



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