My Olympic Writing Goals

I just read this article on “Measuring Your Achievement by the Olympics” by Joanna Penn…a fellow writer whose blog I am subscribed to (I’ll be sure to post a list of great writer sites later :).

In the article Joanna talks about how we can use the Olympics to set our goals.  If you think about it right now there is some athlete (many I’m sure) who after watching the London 2012 Olympics have been inspired to train harder.  For all we know that person could become the next Gabby Douglas or Michael Phelps.  And if that person, no matter how far along they might be, can train so can we.

I’m a writer.  I used to play sports but I I’m not interested in training to reach Olympic level athleticism, however I am interested in becoming a better writer.

Four years ago: I was fifteen (wow, what a difference). I did not have a blog, was not writing regularly, I know I was thinking about colleges (I have always had a very future orientated mindset but I definitely did not know what I do now).

Four years later: I have a blog, and I do write regularly.  I have also completed a goal I’ve had since I was little, I finished writing a book manuscript.  Deep down or maybe not so deep, I am still the same person however I have different goals and a slightly different way of looking at the world.

Four years from now: Well first I want to be in Rio, yes I’m already saving.  But as for my writing goals, I would love to be published.  I know it’s a short time span but I do love to set unrealistic goals 🙂  As for this blog, I could care less how many followers I have, actually that’s not true, but what’s really important is the connection I have with those followers.  So I want to have stronger connections with my followers, whether it is through commenting on each other’s blogs or social media connections so simply reblogging each other’s posts from time to time.  I also plan on being a MFA student in Creative Writing somewhere.

And in 2020: I want to be a New York Time’s Bestselling Author…THE END.

I think  it will be neat to come back to the post and see how everything has ended up.

So what are your Olympic goals…writing or non, let’s hear them 🙂

Whimsically Yours,



2 thoughts on “My Olympic Writing Goals

  1. Love this post. It’s exactly how I try to plan my life. We should all look at creating goals if we do not then we start to drift without a purpose in life.

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