The Otherworldly Chronicles

I am currently working on a new book, I hope to have the manuscript completed by the time I finish editing BLOOD OF ISIS  (Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy).

I was not going to post this here but I figured that there more people who know about it the better that way it is harder for me to stop writing it.

Here is a working description, it will be updated as I revise it 🙂  If you click the title link it will take you to my writer site where you can read the prologue.



Twelve year old Eva Alexandra hates her name.  Her mother is always telling her that it is a “name befitting of a princess”, however Eva Alexandra is no princess.  

In Redwood City, California life is good; the weather is always wonderful and its inhabitants enjoy life in the beautiful port city.  They say that ignorance is bliss, and Eva Alexandra is about to find out how true that really is.  Little does she know it but Redwood City is actually the place where our world and their world meet.  A world where creatures of myth coexist.  Population unknown…Welcome to the Otherworld.


THE OTHERWORLDLY CHRONICLES (Genre: Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy) is my newest work-in-progress.  Feedback and/or questions on it are always welcome for they help to keep me on track to complete it.


Also I will be starting a post series on “How to Write a Book”…I figured it would be interesting for my readers as well as a nice “workshop” type exercise for me.  It will follow my process of writing & completing THE OTHERWORLDLY CHRONICLES…check out the first post: “If You Like It Then You’d Betta Put a Title on It”.

Whimsically Yours,



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