Watch Out Generation Z (Toyota Venza Commercial)

This commercial is hilarious. It is a direct hit at my generation

(Generation Z), and I love it.

I consider myself to be “in the know” but I am nowhere as obsessed with social media as this girl is portrayed to be…even though I do have various social media sites I am a part of (guilty as charged).

I am sure that each one of us knows someone, if it is not yourself, who has said something similar to this. I know I hear it all of the time, in fact just a few months ago I was remarking about how my mother only had 10 Facebook friends.

I had to show this commercial to my dad because he is just like the girl’s parents. This commercial does a great job at highlighting the differences in the two generations, the different opinions in what it means to “really live” while marketing a car.

Take a look at it, I am sure it will have you doubling over from laughter.

Whimsically Yours,

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