The Budget Fashionista: Handbags – MARC by Marc Jacobs

MARC by Marc Jacobs is the world renown fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ “affordable” line.

I say that in quotes because while it is much more affordable that his main line it definitely is not one of my everyday shopping favs.

This line is very stylish and the handbags in it are no less so.  In the MARC by Marc Jacobs line  the handbags that I’d put in the “if you can only have one then you’d better pick me” category would be his Crossbody bags.  

I have been a huge fan of Crossbody bags aka “bags that cross over your body” since before they were fashionable but now they are and you can find them everywhere.  They are usually smaller & lighter bags (though there are large Crossbody bags), and they are perfect for a day out.

I know  that when people invision women shopping they imagine us with our big purses in hand but seriousl folks…have you ever walked around a shopping mall with a huge purse…it’s such a pain 😦

So hence the Crossbody:

MARC by Marc Jacobs “Sia” Crossbody bags: 

In order they are the: “Preppy Sia Nylon”, “Sia”, “Petal to the Metal Sia”, and the “Preppy Sia” Crossbody bags.



Why I like them: 

They are cute, simple, and at under $300 they are definitely some of his most affordable bags.

Additional Info:

The “Preppy Sia Nylon” as its name states is made of Nylon therefore meaning that it is easy to clean that along with the fact that at $138 is the most affordable on the “Sia” Crossbody bags = you must put this one on your to-buy list.

I really like the “Petal to the Metal Sia” because of the metal bird on the front of the purse…I know its not a Mockingjay but it reminds me of The Hunger Games! (<3)

Prices & where to buy:

Like I said the Nylon Sis is the most affordable at $138 and they go up to $298 (Petal to the Metal Sia).  No they are not cheap but in the designer fashion world those prices = worth it.

You can buy them from Nordstrom, one of my personal favorites (I could live in that store) or Neiman Marcus.

Runners Up

In order they are the: “Classic Q Karlie”, the “Classic Q Percy”, and the  “Preppy Nylon Natasha” Crossbody bags. 

What I like: They are small, cute, and fashionable looking.  And the “Classy Q” Crossbody bags can easily be dressed up or down.

What’s wrong with them: While they are all under $300, like the “Sia” Crossbody bags are, the “Classic Q” Crossbody bags are too pricey to be that small for me and the  I often buy smaller purses in order to help me minize my stuff but these are entirely too small for everyday wear, for me, they might work for a night out though.

Prices & where to buy:

They range from $178 to $258, with the “Preppy Nylon Natasha” on the lower end, and they can be purchased at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.

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