Interview with YA Author Tara Fuller


Tara Fuller is a Young Adult author who is living the dream:

she is published, has one great book out, Perigee Moon, and another one coming, Inbetween! 

(review to come)

As a part of Whimsically Yours’s spotlight section I reached out and was able to get an interview from this amazing author.  If you’ve ever dreamed of being a published author and wanted to know what it takes, I highly suggest you check out this interview 🙂

Interview of YA Author Tara Fuller

by Whimsically Yours

Hi, My name is Tara Fuller, and I am the author of the YA books PERIGEE MOON and INBETWEEN.

Can you tell us a little about your books?

Perigee Moon is a Paranormal YA book about a teen girl who falls in love with a boy witch who has time traveled from the Salem Witch Trials to modern day Ipswich, MA.

Inbetween is the first book in my Kissed by Death series. It’s about a boy grim reaper named Finn who falls in love with the human girl he is sent to reap. The series is a companion series, each told from a different reaper’s  POV.

Describe your favorite place to write

My favorite place to write is at the coffee shop in my local bookstore. Something about being surrounded by all of those books is inspiring. Plus the black and white mochas help. J

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, but I really considered myself a real writer when I was nineteen. That’s when I got my first job writing for a newspaper. The day I saw my first cover story in print was a big moment for me.

Here do you get the inspirations for your books?

Lots of places. I read a lot. At least a novel, if not two, a week. I also get a lot of inspiration from music. The inspiration for INBETWEEN came from an Edgar Allen Poe quote and a documentary I saw on reincarnation.

Do you ever wish you were one of your characters/in one of your books? If so, which one and why? Hmmm… that’s a tough one. I love all of my characters, but they have all gone through some pretty scary situations. I guess I wouldn’t mind being Emma from INBETWEEN. She is a pretty strong girl and has a boy that loves her more than life.

When did you start writing?

I started writing poetry and submitting it to contests when I was in the third grade. I started writing for a newspaper when I was nineteen. But I didn’t start my first novel until I was twenty-four.

What is the best piece of constructive criticism you ever received?

An agent once told me I needed to work on my “voice” as an author. I really focused on that, and now it is one of things I get complimented on the most.  So that was definitely the most helpful piece of advice I’ve ever gotten.

How important to you are the titles of your books or names of your characters?

 Very important. I spend days and sometimes weeks coming up with the perfect names for my characters and titles for my books. In a way it feels like I’m naming my kids I guess, lol.

Was there ever a time when you lost hope in your writing abilities/gave up on being a published author?

I don’t think I’ve ever reached a moment where I decided to give up, but I definitely have had my share of dark moments.

If so describe the moment and how you overcame your doubts.  

It took two years of revising and sending out queries to get my deal for Perigee Moon, so at times it felt hopeless. But I read something by an agent once that I’ll never forget. It takes something like twenty no’s to get one maybe. If you don’t give up, that persistence will eventually payoff.


Are you a full time writer?

I am a full time writer and a full time mom. I made the choice four years ago to quit my full time job and stay home with my kids. This also gave me a chance to devote more time to my writing.

What was the process of editing your piece, finding a literary agent, and getting published like for you?

I didn’t sign with an agent. I actually got an offer for my both of my books without one. The process of editing my last book INBETWEEN was a long one. It wasn’t an easy process, but I am thankful for every change we made. The book is so much better for every single one of them. I was lucky to have such an amazing editor in this project that believed in my book as much as I did.

What is some advice you would impart to aspiring authors who wish to get an agent and be published by a publishing company?

Don’t give up. For most people, it’s not going to happen overnight. It didn’t for me. Just don’t get lost in the rejections. You’ll get a lot of them, but remember that every rejection you get means you are one-step closer to your dream. Work on perfecting your query. And take every bit of advice you can get from agents, editors, and other authors.

If you could have breakfast with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and what would you eat?

Edgar Allen Poe. And I probably wouldn’t be able to eat. I’d be in shock, lol.

Coffee or tea?

Black and white mocha

If you had/have an animal spirit which animal(s) would it be…why?

Oh my…I have no idea. Let’s go with a liger. Half lion. Half tiger. Those are real. Right? Lol…

What is your favorite book…why?

This is a hard one, because I have so many favorites. That answer is always changing. My favorite book I’ve read recently is VELVETTEN by Daniel Marks. It was dark and creepy and beyond cool. It was absolutely brilliant.

Favorite author…why?

My favorite young adult author is Maggie Stiefvater. Her writing is lyrical and real. I’ve never read anything by her that I didn’t adore.

Favorite Movie…why?

I am obsessed with Mystery Science Theater movies. My favorite is This Island Earth. Hilarious.

What is the next book you want to write?

Right now I am working on the sequel to INBETWEEN and after that I will be working on an adult contemporary romance book.

You are writing your memoir…what is its title?

Tara Fuller: A Life of Organized Chaos

Last words???

Thank you so much for having on for the interview Patrice!


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