My Favorite Artists: Eminem

1. Eminem

I love Eminem, he is my all time favorite artist.

Most people don’t peg me for an Eminem fan, actually to be honest no one really does but say something about him and you will quickly find out how obsessed I am.

Now, I am not, “oh Eminem marry me” obsessed.  That’s ridiculous.

I have been a fan since one day in 3rd grade.  I was on a bus to go to a field trip and some of my classmates were talking about the his new CD, I think it might have been Curtain Call (idk).  When I got home I listened to some of the tracks and immediately fell in love.

I know that he is vulgar and probably a bit crazy, but I like him.  When I listen to artists I don’t judge their personal lives, even if their songs are about their life, which is why Chris Brown is still one of my favorite artists as well (more on that later).

I think it’s that some part of me has always related with his struggle to reach success, and plus I have always loved his delivery, the way he raps.  I am not one for buying songs so for me to say I have songs from almost every one of his albums plus the entire album “Recovery”, is a big deal.  And I am not just one of those fans that know his new work, I know all of his work, including tracks from his D12 days, “Slim Shady LP” & his “Marshall Mathers LP”.  The only album of his I ever disliked was “Relapse”, it was horrible, he even admitted that.  I also have researched the meanings behind most of his songs, so I do consider myself just a little of an Eminem expert.

I would drop everything, short of a highly important family or friend event (basically only a wedding…even then maybe) to see Eminem in concert, because he doesn’t really do them.

To take a spin-off of one of his lyrics “When I get older I am probably going to be the only person in the nursing home listening to Eminem…I don’t think I’ll ever tire of his songs. (hopefully I won’t be in a nursing home though) 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Artists: Eminem

  1. he’s the best rapper alive !! every time I feel down I listen to his tracks specially ” lose yourself ” 😀

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