Why I Write

I write to tell a story…whether it is the story of a child or a CEO, I believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be told.

I write because it’s fun…writing for me is just like reading it takes me to new places, introduces me to new people, and if it’s especially daring can give me quite a thrill.

I write because without writing I don’t know where I would be…writing keeps me going when times are hard, it has gotten me out of some of my darkest moments.

I write because it’s what I’m good at…sure I’m good at many things but with writing its different, writing lets me know that I am amazingly talented even when I’m am ignored by others.

And lastly…

I write because I’ve done it forever…I’ve been writing forever, when I was little it was my way of communicating to the adult world my thoughts and feelings and now it is the way I best express myself.

So why should I stop now?

Feel free to post why you write below!

Whimsically Yours,

**this is a repost of my first blog post on June 25, 2012, I accidentally deleted it**


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