Dare to Dream…Katy Perry


I’m sitting here in a drive in movie theater with my family, and I just finished watching Katy Perry’s movie Part of Me.

I am pleasantly surprised, I came here expecting to watch just another movie about the life of an actor/singer yet I discovered that it was more than that.

From the beginning the movie did a great job in highlighting not only why Katy Perry is so successful but in humanizing someone who is thought of as one of the greatest current pop stars.

The movie began with videos of from fans of Katy Perry and ended with an amazing performance of Fireworks. I’m not a huge Katy Perry fan but this movie was very successful in making me want to go out and buy her while album and make sure to get tickets to see her during her next tour.

I felt joy when Katy Perry was finally signed with Capitol Records and sadness when I saw her crying because of the end of her marriage with Russell Brand.

I loved the vibrant colors in the movie, the contrasts between her early childhood life with strong Christian influences and her “Hollywood” persona.

Part of Me is truly an inspirational movie, it takes you on a whimsical journey, through the eyes of Katy Perry. It inspires you to get up and fight for your dreams and your life, for as one of Katy Perry’s fans says, “you can only be yourself, for everyone else is already taken”.

So whether you see this movie or not dare to dream, dare to be whimsical, embrace your weirdness, and most of all: be yourself!

Whimsically Yours,



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