A Thousand Words


When I first heard that Eddie Murphy had a new movie out all I could think is that I didn’t want to see it.

I used to like Eddie Murphy but in recent years I grown to think him and his movies to be just plain silly. However it was one of the few new movies we hadn’t seen at Blockbuster so my mother decided to get it.

To say the least I was blown away. The movie as amazing, sure it had the usual Eddie Murphy silliness but this time it felt much more well placed alongside some very deep undertones. After seeing it I really can’t understand why it got such bad reviews.

Eddie Murphy delivered a wonderful performance as Jack McCall, a smooth talking literary agent, who after lying in order to sign a spiritual guru finds himself with only a thousand words left to speak.

The movie deals with many emotions including various themes of loss and betrayal. It teaches us to value our words, treasure those around us, and to forgive others even when we find it hard to.

A Thousand Words is a movie that should be watched with the whole family.

So go get a copy, and remember:

take care with what you say because you never know when when word may be your last.

Whimsically Yours,



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