The Weekly Fashionista: Bandeau Bras, Asymmetrical Skirts, & Sheer Tops


Bandeau Bras, worn under a sheer top and paired with an assymmetrical skirt is the HOT look that every fashionista must have.  Although I must admit, I haven’t bought an asymmetrical skirt yet…I’m still looking for the perfect one, that shouldn’t stop you from beginning your search!

As I have mentioned before, I thought that asymmetrical skirts were a joke.  I was like “why would you want to wear that…eww”.  And as for bandeau bras and sheer tops, (just like with neon sports bras & white tops)

I was like, “what is the point???…you might as well just wear a bra”. (more on that another week)  But I changed my mind, after I found the most amazing red bandeau bra…after that moment I knew I had to get in on “the look”.  So I bought the bra…without trying it on.

**Skipping a lot of details, I’m just going to say that the reason why bandeau bras look so good on the models is because they are models and most of them are flat chested.  So keeping this short and sweet, check out some of my personal favorites: Aerie, Target & Nordstrom….they have great (affordable) bandeau bras with support build in :)**

SO Let’s break the outfit down:

The Bandeau Bra – Have you ever had a tank top that was low on the sides, had a racerback, or was a little too low in the front?  Well then you need a bandeau bra!  They are super comfortable (even the ones with support).  You can use them to add a little spice to any outfit: going for a day of shopping…great, going to see grandma yet your shirt is really low…great, going to a party…even better!

Target has bandeau bras for as low as $9.99 so go and get you one before they run out!

Asymmetrical Skirts – You know those days when you just feel like wearing a long skirt yet you hate the fact that they cover up your legs…well that is where these skirts come into play.  They are long and light (they give a nice blowing in the wind effect)which is great if you live somewhere hot…like Texas, and…(drumroll please) they are cut so that they show your gorgeous legs.  I think that these skirts are very versatile because they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Forever 21 has them for prices that start at $15.80 for solid colored skirts & $17.80 for ones with patterns.

Sheer Tops – You can get these almost anywhere.  They vary from a simple white all the way to ones with patterns, sleeves, racerbacks…the list goes on.  I would say they would be on my list of clothing essentials for women young & old…yes you can wear these too mother (I just don’t want to see you when you do).  If you want to be flirty, you have to have one of these: they blow in the wind, they look great, the are amazing for going anywhere where it’s hot & humid, and like I said they come in so many styles that I am sure you’ll find one you like.

H&M has very simple, basic white ones for $5.95 with most of their sheer tops in the $10-15 range.  But…since not everyone (unfortunately) has a local H&M store, stores like Love Culture, Forever 21, Macy’s & JC Penny’s have them starting at prices around $13 up to about $22…Enjoy!

I hope you liked this weeks, Weekly Fashionista post…if you have any comments, about the styles, prices, fashion, life in general or items you would like to be covered in upcoming weeks…post a comment 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


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