Someday, if it hasn’t already happened, things will get really hard. 

 You will begin to hate your life and the things that you do.  But it’s okay, it is a natural response.  As humans, living in this technological world, we want everything to happen fast.  We want results today not tomorrow.  We are never content.

Take me for instance: I have been taking French since I was in the 7th grade.  Can I speak it, yes…can I write it…kinda.  French stresses me out, I’ve been learning it for so long…why am I not fluent.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It is because I am lazy and impatient.  Ever since I started taking it I’ve wanted instant results.  I have hardly ever studied it and yet somehow I think that I should be fluent.  But I mean I even went on my school’s French trip, stayed with a host family, & ate French food…I should be fluent, right?  No, because if life were that easy, we would have gotten tired of living years ago…it’s the truth.

Last year was my first year in college, I naturally took French.  After my first semester I received a B, my second semester…a D.  I was mortified…Latin Honors…gone, grad school…no way 😦  (I always think of the worst…I’m a defensive pessimist, or so they say but more on that another time.)  Because of that, I told my self it was time to stop, I was done with French.  I would pick up another language, I’ve always liked the Middle East…maybe Arabic, or Spanish…that’s definitely more practical.  It really was my choice, because of my previous French experience I had already finished my language requirement.

So I didn’t enroll register for a French course for this upcoming Fall, instead I bought some Arabic alphabet books and began to teach myself Modern Standard Arabic.  …And then I stopped, after only a few weeks.  It has always been my dream to travel to Egypt and be able to speak with the people there but I guess that just wasn’t a big enough convincer for me.

It wasn’t until my adventure in half price books, last Friday that I got clued in into what I needed to do.  When I was there I decided to go to the cookbook section, and was immediately drawn to the French cookbook section.  And then I realized that for me French wasn’t just a language, it was a culture, that I had been immersed in for seven years!

When I talk to myself (I’m not crazy) I sometimes mix French & English,  I dream in French sometimes or at least I used to, I love French music, sometimes I blank on English words & accidentally reply to people in French, and I love French food, art, and fashion.

There was no way I could quit French.

I dropped my Intro to Psychology course (it was just for review, I took AP Psychology my senior year) and enrolled in French 206, the french speaking course that is usually taken before 211 (the intensive grammar course) .

No it is not official, but I think I want to study in Paris at the American University there for the 2013-2014 year.  I originally wanted to study in Egypt but hen I realized I really don’t want to be in Egypt for a whole semester or a year, I just want to visit the pyramids and talk to the dead Queens & Pharaohs, I could care less about the modern world (I am a self-declared history buff).

My point for all of that, was to make a point about how you should stick with things.  When you give up, when you allow yourself to think that you can’t do something then you will fail.  As Winston Churchill once said:


It may not turn out amazingly but your decision to start what you started was the best decision at the time and unless you’re a part of the Cartel (or maybe especially then) you should stick with what you started.

It will probably be a challenge, I plan on getting an A in French for once, but it will be worth it.  In the end all of this will be worth it when you have accomplished your goals.


À bientôt!

Whimsically Yours,



2 thoughts on “Perseverance

    • Thanks so much. Yeah I actually was doing well with the alphabet it was just so tedious…so I stopped. I definitely wouldn’t mind learning at least up to conversational proficiency in Arabic one day.

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