My Thoughts On Brave


I loved the movie Brave…Disney and Pixar did an amazing job.  I loved the music, the imagery, the characters’s accents, and the authenticity of the culture the film portrayed.

However I am not writing this post to review the film, I am sure that there are thousands of those everywhere…no need for another.  Instead I want to use this film as more of a conversation starter or segue into a deeper topic.

The films opens with the quote that I am sure most of us have heard by now, even if you didn’t see the movie…“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you? 

When I first heard this I immediately though “no”.  I mean why would I want to change my fate especially since I don’t even know what my fate is.  But then by the end of the film the mantra had changed, now it was a statement about how your fate lives inside of you.

And that got me really thinking because the whole time in the film they played with the idea of physical/mental actions & figurative/literal meanings.  And in the end it ended up being a combination of both that “saved the day”.

Most people, as Merida, stated will never know their fate.  Most people will be content where they are and not search out the unknown.  But it is those who do search for their fate that might eventually find out the truth: our fate is within you.  Only you have the power to change your fate and the only way you can do that is by changing your mindset.

It is as I always say, “We must validate ourselves…”, and by validating ourselves and figuring out that our fate is within us then we can become or create whomever we want to be.

I always have though it interesting that childrens’ movies can convey more in one hour, than a thousand movies for adults can.  It’s actually rather sad, almost as if they are saying that if you don’t know this by the time you reach adulthood…it’s too late.


So if you are ever feeling down, feeling like you are forced into a certain outcome remember that you have the power to change your fate.  Don’t try to sabatoge or change others because it will only backfire…you must change yourself first and then things will begin to fall into place.

Whimsically Yours,



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