Meet My Stuffed Animals


I love my stuffed animals, they are like family to me. The funny thing is that when people see how attached I am to them they assume that I’ve had them since I was a little…nope.

I’ve only had one of them, my purple centipede, Caterpuller, that long (it only has 8 legs though lol).

I got my Eeyore stuffed animal Christmas 2010, my Build-A-Bear bunny Karats (cute huh) for my birthday in 2011 (she wears my college (blue & white) and my class (yellow) colors), and lastly my Build-A-Bear “Teddy” or Theodore for Christmas 2011!

I sleep with them, I travel with them, basically anytime I know I’m going to be somewhere for a while I take one or all (if I can) with me. I’m not embarrassed to walk around an airport carrying around a stuffed animal.

Maybe my love for them stemmed from the fact that I did not have the best of luck with pets when I was younger (hamster drowned, fish dead, dog ran away, dog put to sleep…none of that was my fault but it was a little traumatizing for a young girl). Do I still want a pet…of course, but not until I’m older.

My stuffed animals are really important to me, when other people mess them I feel like Golum…did you hurt my precious
…maybe that was a little too much though. But I truly believe that it is important for everyone to have something or someone that can scare away the boogy monster.

Laugh at me if you will but at least I’m being honest, there are so many people I know who hide their stuffed animals from the world…like they are an illegal substance. But unless you are using them to smuggle drugs I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing them out of hiding.

So know this: mess with my stuffed animals and you’ll regret it…don’t you know that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Whimsically Yours,



3 thoughts on “Meet My Stuffed Animals

  1. Hi my name is Melissa. I am so happy to have read your blog. I too love my stuffed animal, his name is Mr. Floppy. I have had him since I was five. He sleeps with me every night, travels with me, and I talk to him. It’s nice to meet another person like me who doesn’t think it’s nuts to be this way. Thank you… : D

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