The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

If there’s any one word that can be used to describe this teen blogger and her post it’s determined. This teen is determined to succeed and do well in her life.

I found this post to be very uplifting: in it she states that she has/had an illness that made her physically weaker yet she makes a point to let you know that she’s still as determined as ever.

This post is almost like a call to arms, meant reminding you that no one or thing but yourself can stop you and at the same time reminding you that we are only human. Check her out!

Whimsically Yours,



After yesterday’s bad feeling … I woke up today with a good-ish feeling but that feeling soon turned to a very good feeling, thnx to a very motivating vidZ that I watched at youtube !

I was inspired by all those vidZ, that I started thinking about life … And to be honest, I think that we are what we think, therefore when a person thinks  positive thinking then due to that, his life will be positive and good, because he trained his mind to always look at the brighter side !

 That is how all of us should do ! Nothing good can come out if we keep thinking about all the awful things that are going  on in our life …Me for example, if I continue to feel sorry about what happened to me and have self-pity that is not going to lead me anywhere!

Besides I have to admit…

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