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Where will life take you?…these are the last words in this post by this teen blogger. What are some of the things we know about this teen blogger and his blog Underaged Thinking…he loves the color blue, he has a pet chihuahua, and he grew up too fast. Sounds like a great beginning description of a book character to me.

He talks about secrets and how they aren’t mean to hurt people yet as I am sure we all know secrets are harmful and they will hurt the holder just as must as everyone else. So check out this blog, and let him know what you think 🙂

Whimsically Yours,


Underaged Thinking

 My brain is overloaded with thoughts, dreams, and ideas. I’m not like the rest of the population. I don’t think it’s natural for people my age to think this much. I grew up too fast. By the time I turned 15 I was sick and tired of being a grown up. I consider most of the things that run through my head secret. Everybody has secrets they hold on to. Secrets aren’t meant to hurt people but I believe it is somehow a coping mechanism. 

 My personality is divided into many different parts. At first you think you might be going crazy but then I discovered those parts are called emotions. I don’t understand many things. For example the way emotions work.

 At this point of my life I am scared and confused. What will be of the future? 


Where will life take you?

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