Day 1- July 6, 2012

I love this blog. I know it’s simple and still in the works but wasn’t I just in her position almost two weeks ago!? No she’s not talking about loss, or heartbreak, or finding herself, actually all she is talking about in this post is herself. But that is what makes it great, it’s a candid post from a teen with dreams, goals, and aspirations, who is just starting to chronicle her journey by way of blogging.

Whimsically Yours,



First off i would like to tell a few things about myself. Im a sophmore in high school. I live in Texas (not by choice). And what else: I love fashion, TVD, Gossip Girl, and I aspire to be a lawyer. My dream colleges are Yale and Georgetown U. Um what else? Oh yea I have a dog, Jack, who is 2 and a dauschund/black lab mix who was rescued 🙂 He is my first dog ever. I love to read I have so many books so just comment if u want a suggestion. I am definately a nerd…I pride myself in my grades…Im currently a straight A student apart from one B. What else? My favorite color is hunter green and other various shades of it. My favorite food is ice cream. I love everything and anything vintage. I enjoy taking photos anywhere i go. Like any teenager i…

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