The Girl In The Mirror

In this post this teen blogger talks about common feelings that we all go through: loss & loneliness.

As much as we might like to be individualistic in reality we really don’t like or want to be truly alone.

If you’ve ever felt truly heartbroken, alone, or like you have lost something you cannot regain you need to check out this post 🙂

Whimsically Yours,

My Corner

,Dear diary

            I wish I could understand this girl in the mirror, how she walks around pretending she got a heart as solid as rock, although it got crashed like million times, if only you could see how it looks like now after every one had destroyed it with a different weapon. Maybe because she seeks for perfection; but what’s the point of being perfect outside with a distorted heart? She lost her best friend; even the one she loved most, turned out to be a deep liar. I bet she’s losing her mind, wondering why the people she trusted filled her life with their noxious lies, I guess she knows now that life is not a very loyal friend. At least she still got her family, well sorta… Everyone is busy with their own business. She’s alone, and loneliness can eat a helpless girl alive. No, she has…

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