It’s about time

And trust me when I say that this fellow teenager of mine is one you should defintely watch out for.

In this post the author talks about how we teenagers are not a sterotype, how we cannot and should not be expected to fit into a box of society’s expectations.

The author of this blog uses this theme of being different to make a point that being a teenager isn’t often how it’s portrayed, often being a teenager is dirty and filled with years of sweat and tears.

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I hate that teenagers aren’t allowed to be themselves.

I’ve been searching the Internet, looking for advice for teenagers or blogs talking about how it’s like growing up. The first hit, “”, was just a compilation of statistics on obesity. It wasn’t even remotely connected to teens. The following few were ugly, incoherent websites written by parents of teens, complete with morbidly poor language and unsophisticated logic.

In fact, the majority of what I found were smart-ass advice columns written by old people, and editorials like Seventeen magazine, filled with articles telling us about the best looks this summer.

We’re NOT all as pretty as those girls on the spread, and NOT all of us worry only about which blusher to use and which hairstyle to get. We have deeper, less glamorous worries, and we also have brains: two facts which these magazines don’t want to acknowledge.

Teenagers are not a…

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