Thinking of the Future…

Check out this teen: she’s new to blogging and she’s already great at it!

In this post she talks about typical worries that any teenager has when trying to discover/create/imagine what they are going to do in their life, I have them all the time.

She talks about wanting the “American Dream” and finding something she is good at. It’s an honest blog post that into the emotions that come with being a teenager, including worrying. It is this emotion that she focuses the second half of her post on…allowing the reader to move away from her and to some of the “big issues” of the day.

In my opinion it is okay to worry and it is okay to want that “perfect” success story life as long…as you getting it doesn’t end with you leaving behind your other dreams.

Whimsically Yours,


Just One Girl ♥

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. Do I want to pursue writing as a career? Maybe I’d like to try modeling? Or Psychology? Teaching? I’m struggling with what my calling in life is- what I’m good at. It’s difficult to figure out what would be best to create the life I want for myself and for my future family. I’m worried about the future, honestly. I want a decent amount of money, a nice house, happy kids, and maybe even a strong marriage. I want the “American Dream.” Is that so crazy? I worry a lot about the future of this country, as well as the world. It’s not just about me. So much has changed since my parents were kids. I feel like the world is only getting worse as we go. We’re in debt, technology is taking over, kids are…

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