The Amazing Spiderman Review


I am literally sitting in my car in the theater parking lot, I just finished watching The Amazing Spiderman, and I just had to post a review. (I know it’s silly but don’t worry, I’m safe)

First let me get this off my chest: I am a HUGE comic book fan, especially when if comes to Marvel Comics. One of my dreams is to go to Comic Con in San Diego. So when I heard they were rebooting Spiderman I was pumped.

I thought Tobey Maguire did a good job in the other movie series but they promised that this one would be closer to the comics…and it was!

I have this movie the highest of highest ratings, sure it has its flaws…there were several typical/predictable things that you can find in almost any superhero movie. (I would go into detail but I hate any kind of spoiler so I don’t want to ruin it for you in case you’re the same way.)

Other than that though it was great! Andrew Garfield did an amazing job as Peter Parker. His character was one that could be loved by all ages (as I could clearly tell by the loud laughter of the older man sitting next to me). He was cocky, witty, intelligent, brave…and finally, adorable cute…yes Andrew Garfield is officially on my superhero hot list with Christian Bale.

He has a smile to die for, boy did I was I was Emma Stone.

And speaking of Emma Stone, I think that we have really seen her grow as an actress this year. She delivered a phenomenal performance as the smart, pretty, funny, and flirtatious Gwen Stacy (fyi for those of you who were disappointed about her being Gwen instead of Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy > Mary Jane…always).

Also for those of you who know what happens in the comic books, I’ll just say this…expect to see Emma Stone in the sequel.

With a cast that also includes Martin Sheen, Denis Leary, & Sally Field…this is a must see movie that is great for the whole family.

Oh and also…you must stay for the clip at the end…for those of you who know anything about Spiderman…things are about to get much more interesting.

**Before I forget, I have one final note: for those who were mad at the picking of a British actor to play Spiderman rest assured…as I said before he’s amazing and his accent only comes out a little in the beginning :)**

Whimsically Yours,


If you like superhero comic movies look for the new Superman movie reboot with, the always goodlooking, Duke of Suffolk (The Tudors) Henry Cavill & Amy Adams. It’s called Man of Steel, it is due out in 2013, & Christopher Nolan wrote the story for it!


❤ Patrice


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman Review

  1. Great review, it’s nice to read one by a fellow fan of the comics. I totally agree that Gwen > Mary Jane x1000, which makes me torn about (Spoiler Alert!) her eventual fate… oh well, we’ll see how the writers handle that one once the next few roll around.

    Anyways, feel free to check out my review, I always love feedback from fellow reviewers 🙂

    P.s. sooooo frigging excited for the new Superman Movie, Nolan is one of my favorite modern directors and if anyone can bring that franchise to new heights it’s him.

    • Thanks a lot I will definitely check yours out. Yes I’ve heard from one of my friends that they are planning on prolonging it because of how much fans love the cast…so we shall see.

      And yes anything that Nolan touches, so far, has been gold! He is doing a great job rebooting and making the Batman franchise not just a silly series (cannot wait for the 3rd one) so I look forward to seeing his handy work on the Superman franchise! (it’s time for him to take it away from “man in tights” meets “farmerboy”)

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