Forever young. ∞ ☮

Forever young is something that we should all aspire to be. Being forever young doesn’t mean that you are forever foolish, for not all of the young have that characteristic, rather it means that you know what you want in life and that you plan on staying true to yourself and enjoying what life has to offer.

In this post from Taylor Rhanee’s Blog, Taylor talks about the things she sees that impact society. She gives us an insider’s look into the world of a teenager, who unlike the over-emphasized few, just wants to be herself, stay substance-free, and remain forever young.

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Taylor Rhanee's Blog


Everywhere I look, I am surrounded by things that impact society. As a teenager, a lot of this is reflected in high school. I can never go in a bathroom without being engulfed by the horrid smell of cigarrette smoke and weed. It’s really sickening. I’m about to turn 16, and I don’t hardly know anyone that hasn’t spoken or drank alcohol before. I can say very proudly that I never have done either of the two. And you know, I feel like sex is totally just thrown around these days! Sex was never meant for that, and it isn’t right. Making love (or just sex) was intended for mature couples in love that were ready for commitment. Now all you hear about is teenage couples giving up their virginity. So many girls get called sluts, and SO many guys take advantage of girls. nobody should ever be asked to…

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