Sometimes I really hate being a hormonal teenager

In this post by Bookworm1204, the emotions that teenagers go through are talked about. You can really tell the author’s frustration, it is a frustration that all teens go through: we cannot understand why, even though adults have once been where we now stand, they act like we are some foreign substance or some illness that needs to be cured.

This is a beautifully honest post. As someone who is currently 19 and about to leave my teen years behind, I often wonder will I change?

It’s interesting because at every birthday I always wake up and ask myself if I feel any different. I hardly ever do, and if that’s the case the your age really doesn’t matter. I’ve been in a room full of people older than me and felt like I was the oldest one there, and I’ve been in a room full of people younger than me and felt like I was the youngest one there.

So will I change…probably not, if I do it won’t be because I am one year older, it will be because I wish to change myself.

Never forget: just because someone is younger than you doesn’t mean they are not wise and that you cannot lean something from them.

And remember that just because someone is older doesn’t mean they are all knowing, we should always respect our elders, but no one knows everything.

Whimsically Yours,


Bookworm1204's Blog

Sometimes I love being a teenager. Being in synch, little to care about, great parties, life, etc. But sometimes its awful. And when it gets bad… It gets really bad.

Because we’re teenagers, we have such a variety of emotions. These jumbled emotions that we can’t make head or tails of. Those depressive days or moments when life sucks for no reason whatsoever. When we can’t come to terms with our emotions. When we just want to crawl under a blanket and never come out. Or when we want to punch something… Or someone. Or even sometimes break down into tears. Its difficult and confusing to keep such emotions in check. And it feels like adults don’t really get it at all. As if now that they’re over their teenage years and discovered a better life after 18, they wanna just throw it in our faces: they’ve gone through that-and…

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