Self Publishing: Empowering Young Authors

The Newbie Author's Guide

self publishing empowering young authors

Through social media I have noticed an awesome trend brought about by the Self Publishing Revolution: authors are publishing younger. I mean really young: tweens and teens are now grasping “published authordom”. I have met a couple of these younger authors in social media, namely Twitter.

I know apart from writing, these young authors probably have a lot of support from parents and others in areas of finding editors, cover art, or other technical stuff they haven’t learned yet–definitely financially. Social media comes almost naturally since all their peers are on too.

Even if a young writer doesn’t choose to publish yet, they feel empowered to begin their writing careers sooner. They don’t have to worry about their work sitting in a hard drive or a desk drawer for another 30 years before someone will even “look” at it just because the author is a teen or tween. They can publish when they…

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