The 13 Page Pledge

As you may or may not know I am currently writing a book for young adults titled BLOOD OF ISIS  .

However I just keep hitting stopping points in my writing, not because it’s hard to write but because it’s hard to push my self to sit down and do it. At the beginning of the summer, when I started the book, I set a “to be completed by date”. That date, based off me writing every day, is July 20th.

As of right now I probably have less than 50 pages done, so in order to be finished or close to finished by July 20th…

I have pledged to write 13 pages every day.

Of course it is highly possible that I won’t be finished by July 20th, because I’ll only truly be finished until the story is told.

So if there are any other writers out there who are working on a book that they have been desperately trying to finish please join with me in a page pledge of your own!

Let’s get these books done because I know more than anything what we really want is to see our books in stores/online 🙂

Whimsically Yours,



4 thoughts on “The 13 Page Pledge

  1. YAY!!! I have been writing my book for four years! So don’t feel too bad! Blood of Isis? Sounds interesting. Do you have a writing group? My pledge…um…finish my novel by August (I am done with Part 1-page 146, two more parts to go( that’s how I break it down in my head, manageable parts so it doesn’t seem so big) that means I have like 10 pages to write a day!!!) ayee better get started!!! I’m tired, have to brew coffee…

    • Hi Andrea, thanks for telling me that! I’m sure you can do it and I look forward to reading/buying your book when it’s finished…what’s it about.

      My book is about a young girl who, while she doesn’t yet know it, is descended from Isis. She is the only one who can save the works from many dangers that are about to arise. It has lots of plot twists, teen day to day issues, and Egyptian Mythology.
      You can read the prologue here: (I may change a couple things but for the most part this is it)

      • Ahh I was writing then it erased! So I was saying, I should get used to writing this, blurbs about my book. So it’ll be a bit messy. Bare with me…Okay, so my book is about Alicia Jackson, a normal Chicago high school student, who, on her eighteenth birthday, notices odd things begin to happen. She is the decedent of sentient beings, who call themselves the Alliance, sent here to protect the human race from destruction and darkness. Little does she know she is not only the descendant, she is the Chosen Guardian, the key to protect human civilization as we know it.
        Hope that was a good enough blurb…i should work on that. but it is a mult-icultural story, The protagonist an african american girl. I’m excited about it. What you say about us validating ourselves instead of the world validating us is the whole reason why I write. I grew up reading books of characters I wanted to be but not seeing my face in the story. I am also a theatre artist where the same thing is prevalent. So instead of complaining about it I thought I would try my hand in writing the stories I want to see. Not as easy as I thought, but hey, at least I’m trying!!!
        here’s my prologue. Don’t let anyone read it! 😀

        I don’t know if that link will work. Anyway, I’m stalling. Have to write those ten pages now.
        It was great chatting!!!

      • It was great chatting with you too. My main character is multicultural, she’s Egyptian and part Italian (not completely sure) but there are also other black characters. Like you said ingot tired of reading books I loved without someone who looked like me.

        I did theater for years as well so I completely understand.

        It won’t let me view the doc so I requested access.

        I’ve got to get to my writing too so happy writing!

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