Katie Holmes + Tom Cruise vs. The World


So as you all know, I’m sure, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce.

Now before you go thinking that I’m about to start crying and fawning over them…hold up, you know that’s not me lol.

Sure it is sad that they are getting a divorce but it’s sad, because of their daughter. She shouldn’t have to become one of the many children of divorced parents…it’s never easy.

But my real issue with this whole ordeal is how much publicity it’s getting…I know, I know, I’m not really helping.

I mean seriously…almost every major news channel is covering their divorce. I’m not trying to say I always want to hear about death and destruction on the news but I know for sure that I don’t want to hear about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Instead of talking about their divorced, people and the news should focus on the description and corruptions around the world, on alleviating world poverty and hunger, on helping to close gender and racial gaps worldwide.

However so that I don’t sound too much like the humanitarian I am, news stations don’t even have to go that far. I mean if I have to hear about their divorce every time I turn on the news (rarely now) then they could at least use this high profile divorce as a chance to talk about the sanctity of marriage and how divorce has become commonplace.

I know you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch or promise things you can’t foresee. But I mean it when I say that when I get married, if I get married, it will only be once without a divorce.

I’d rather wait an eternity, only to get to spend a year with the right person then spend years marrying the wrong person several times.

That’s all I have to say…there’s no point in me going on about Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise…unfortunately I’m sure they will be news headliners for a while.

As always,
Whimsically Yours,


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