Some of my Favs are Getting a Hollywood Makeover…still not sure how I feel

You know that moment when you find out that a book you love or an old movie, musical or anything similar that you adore is getting its very own Hollywood adaptation/remake???

Yeah well I am having that moment now.

I’ve known for a long time that they were remaking some of my favorite movies but just recently I was on Pinterest repinning pins to, My Pinterest Board: Classy Like Audrey, when I happened upon a picture of Carey Mulligan. At first I was like “she does kind of remind me of Audrey” and then I was like, “wait, I totally forgot that she is supposedly replacing Keira Knightley (I prefer Keira, she’s amazing at period pieces) in the remake of My Fair Lady”.

To be honest I am just plain scared, I love My Fair Lady, and to be honest I do not think or expect this remake will trump it. I never expect remakes to trump the original (cough, cough…the remake of Charlie &; the Chocolate Factory…hahaha no), but what I do expect is for them to take something that might have been completely lost to newer generations and revamp it, gaining new love and support for that movie and hopefully encouraging people to see or read the original.

So here it is folks, my list of my favorites that are to be remade…(drumroll please):

1) My Fair Lady

…as I said above I like Carey Mulligan but I don’t expect her to trump Audrey Hepburn’s perfomacne…I mean seriously Audrey was so good with the role of Eliza Doolittle that I am pretty sure very one of us who saw it wanted to put some earplugs in for the first half of the movie (those high pitched shrills are ghastly).

And Rex harrison was amazing…ly mean…and funny, the whispers ae that Mr. Darcy aka Colin Firth will be replacing him…he can totlally pull it off, Henry Higgins is very Darcy-esque.

However I do hope that she will make more people not only fall in love with My Fair Lady but with herself, Audrey Hepburn, Pygmalion, and older films in general.

2) The Great Gatsby

I fell in love with Gatsby during my junior year in AP English. We did not just read that book, we immersed ourselves in it, marked up its pages, and learned to love and hate Gatsby’s world. I loved Robert Redford, I mean come on, he was like the Brad Pitt of then. And as for Mia Farrow, she made me sick aka she did an awesome job as silly, shallow, and selfish Daisy. But…I love Leonardo DiCaprio…I’m a huge fan, I think I have seen almost all of his movies (you don’t want to mess with my Leonardo collection).

However is he really, really Gatsby???…I think so but as for Carey Mulligan…why is this girl everywhere??? Keira needs to come back…now! (Actually she is…Anna Karenina anyone???) I don’t like her is Daisy, something about the faces she makes in the trailer just doesn’t scream Daisy to me but we will see. And as for Spiderman aka Tobey Maguire as Nick, and Isla Fisher as Myrtle…I 100% approve.

Oh and did I mention it’s directed by Baz Luhrmann…I love him…he has created some of my favs (Romeo + Juliet & Moulin Rouge) but I am highly skeptical Gatsby isn’t like the other two, yet still if anyone can pull it off…he can.

As for the 3D…hahaha no…never!

3) Les Miserables

This is hands down one of if not my favorite movie/musical/book. The funny thing…I’ve only read part of the book, seen bits of the musical, however I have watched the movie (1998 version of course). I have sung almost all of the songs in my high school advanced choir, and I know the whole story & characters so while I have never seen the musical (I keep missing it but soon), and never read the book (I want to read it in its original language French…almost there), I have an intense connection with this story.

The cast for the movie was perfect, my love: Claire Danes, my hero: Liam Neeson, my bad girl: Uma Thurman, and my bad man: Geoffrey Rush, so when I heard there was a remake I was like “noooo…these people are still alive, making movies, and beasting in life”. But then when I realized it wasn’t a movie movie but a musical movie I was like, “okay…sure”. My goal is to read the movie and see the Broadway musical before seeing the movie musical but I may not be able to resist.

In my opinion they picked the perfect people, even if I doubt their singing abilities…the trailer only convinced me a little.

1) Anne Hathaway

…can she pull off Fantine…well she has the look and she seems to have the voice and she can act, so maybe. Personally I think Anne has been getting roles I don’t think befit her but she seems to be convincing me, slowly. I wasn’t a fan of her as Catwoman but now for some reason, many clips and interviews later…I’m sold, so I’ll give her a chance on Les Mis…don’t mess up 🙂

2) Hugh Jackman…he can do, he’s great for the part…#winning.

3) Russell Crowe…golden,

4) Amanda Seyfried…hell yes, I love her

5) Sacha Baron Cohen…idk but maybe, def has the humor part down and last but not least…big drumroll

6) HELENA BONHAM CARTER as Madame ThĂ©nardier…YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My love for her is indefinite, she can pull off anything…best casting decision ever!!!

Also I love the tagline…The Dream Continues, Christmas…pure genius!

I am not so much in love with Hollywood’s obsession with remaking things, its probs 99.9% all about the money, but I play along and go see these three movies just to see how the measure up. For the first two it will be harder but for Les Mis the true test will be how much it makes me cry…I was bawling by the end of the movie and nearly after singing those songs.

There is no word on when My Fair lady is exactly coming out but as for the other two…I know what I’ll be doing this Christmas…do you think they will allow me to being turkey, sweet potato pie, my presents, and candy canes into the theater??? :/

Well as Porky Pig likes to say…

Whimsically Yours,



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