Dear Whitney


Dear Whitney,

I didn’t know you as well as some but I’ve always thought you were an amazing person. Your songs inspired me to truly live and to never be afraid to dance. I wish you just like so many greats hadn’t gone when you did. It’s kind of sad when you think about it that when you get to a point where you are nearly untouchable, where everyone loves you, where generations know you name, that is when it is you have to go.

No matter what people said about you when you were alive you should see how much everyone truly loved you. Sometimes when people honor famous ones who have gone they don’t do it write, the wrong persons speaks or someone messes up on of their songs but with you everything has been just right.

As I sit here watching a recording of the 2012 BET Awards, I can’t help but smile. Among the various performers Mimi gave a moving opening speech, Monica an amazing opening act, and Brandy got the crowd moving while singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. But most of all, it was your mother Cissy with her performance of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” that moved us all to tears.

You will always be remembered, no matter how auto tuned the world of music seems to be becoming, your voice, personality, and overall spirit will never be forgotten.

So once again, thank you, for being a part of a childhood I will never forget and teaching me that with a little or a lot of perseverance you can make it anywhere.

yours truly
a devoted fan

Patrice Nicole Caldwell

Whitney Houston Tribute – BET Awards 2012


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