Fourth of July Swag

In honor of the Fourth of July , fashion, Instagram, and all things swaggerific, I have decided to write this post:

Simply put I do not really care for the 4th of July in and of itself. Not to go all “cray, cray” or anything but the 4th of July isn’t really my holiday. I am glad that America got it’s independence on that day but as the true history buff that I am, things didn’t really change that much for black people or women (two things that I proudly am).

However the 4th of July is still special to me: I remember as a little girl going to visit relatives in Alabama and popping firecrackers. For this fourth, I will be in Bastrop, Texas, at my dads house down there. I’m driving down with my grandparents, my two aunts, and my two cousins…my dad, my brother and sister, and my stepmom are already there.

For me holidays like the 4th of July, have rarely been about celebrating the actual holiday for me. Instead they have been a time when I was nearly assured that my family would get together and that I could spend time with all of them. This is why it’s special to me, family is very important to me and days like this remind me that no matter how busy we get, we will still be there for each other in the end.

Nonetheless somehow, around this time I always end up wearing red, white, and blue together. Of course generally speaking it really isn’t that hard for me to do, while I do not have tons of red clothing items I do have several fashion items in blue or white.

Now as I was previously about to write, before I derailed myself, this 4th of July I have decided to embrace all things red, white, and blue. Why? Je ne sais pas.

It think part of it is that I love theme dressing and to me the 4th of July is also another chance for me to embrace the theme.

Let’s break down what I am wearing:

Merona Brand Blue Skirt: $16 Target

Eyelash Brand Lace Top: $22 Kohl’s

“Pearl” Earrings: $4 Charming Charlie

(if you’ve never heard of this store before find one near you… the store is overwhelming yet amazing)

Red Bead Necklace: $8 Claire’s

Oh and lastly a big thank you to Instagram…I know I’ve been holding out on you, it’s my Aquarian personlity…I don’t like to follow the crowd, but I think it’s true love. I could literally spend hours playing with their special effects, vintage love, hehe!

Share your themed swagger with me below (in the comments section)…and yes I just said swagger 🙂

(**Speaking of swagger…check out this video…it’s almost completely unrelated but hilarious still…Gucci!**)

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