This is a really informative post especially, it’s something I’ve been thinking about the closer I get to finishing my book. For now I am happy where I am but one day I too will have to venture out into the sea of publishing.

I would like to hear from people who are going through/are about to go through the process of publishing their writing…your fears, joys, thoughts in general…let me know, below (haha)

Cristian Mihai

When you first self-publish, it’s easy to get caught up in an avalanche of new words. You build an author platform, you promote, you post giveaways, you send ARCs, you tweet, you blog.

You’re constantly searching for a target audience, making up marketing plans. You’re slowly turning into a business man. Sometimes you might even talk like one. Heaven forbid you actually start dressing like one.

Whether you like it or not, Self-Publishing is a business. So how much money can you expect to earn if you self-publish?

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