My Everyday Interests: Cake Decorating

I love baking and decorating cakes or any types of sweets for that matter.  It’s my hobby, my passion, and it will most likely be a life-long interest of mine.  Decorating makes me feel über talented and creative, and for some reasons when I bake and decorate sweets I don’t really want more than a tiny bite of them…so I decorate often 🙂

My grandmother on my dad’s side of the family bakes, she is an amazing baker.  The epitome of a southern grandma, only a tad bithealthier.  I am telling you that you have not lived until you have had her sweet potato pie!  So she is who I got  my love for baking from, combine that with my creative spirit and you’ve got yourself a self-declared cake decorator.

**I started cake decorating a couple years ago and have been hooked ever since!! Here is my first cake decorting book  I still use it every now and then for there is never anything wrong with going back to the basics!**

I bake and decorate cakes or cupcakes for everyone’s birthday, including my college friend’s when I have the time.  Actually I bake so much in college that usually all of my flex points (the ones we can use at our little conveniance store) are gone from buying baking supplies, within the first month.  While other Wellesley mothers send their daughter’s notes mine sends me cake mix (I prefer to bake from scratch but it’s harder to bake from scratch in college with limited room for storing ingredients), chocolate chip cookies, and icing!

I absolutely love baking and decorating cakes, it is such a stress reliever.  It really helps me to calm down because you don’t want to bring bad energy into your food…trust me it won’t taste good.

Here is a picture of some cupcakes I decorated for my little sisters’s joint birthday party (one was turning 3, the other 9!): They aren’t the best work I’ve done, some of the colors didn’t turn out too well, I was experimenting (experimenting is one of the best parts about decorating or creating anything!), but they sure were delicious!!!


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