Your E-Book is Reading You

Your E-Book is Reading You: New WSJ Article

That article above, which I have just finished reading, is exactly why I don’t use my Kindle 100%. To me reading is a private act, my parents used to call me a hermit crab because I used to huddle in corners in my room and read only coming out for food, water, and to make sure I wasn’t alone in the house. It’s my solitary thing, when you are the oldest of 5 with divorced and remarried parents that always have issues sometimes reading is the only escape. I don’t want you to write a book based on what I like, write a book based on what you love and I will find it. I loved how reading used to be the unknown the thing that statisticians couldn’t predict. Authors had to work hard, and write well in order to gain readers…now we can all just look at charts.

But the problem is is that all of us book lovers are not the average reader.

The world is changing, I don’t like it, while my generation might be the ones who are catalyzing all of these things I will not be a part of this reaction.

So at least for now, I shall remain, yours truly…Miss Hermit Crab.



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