My Mother + Henna

My mother is hilarious, she really is and I don’t even think she knows it. She also is a little intimidating, oh the stories I could tell…never get on her bad side.

For instance:
A few years ago I was having a sleepover and a couple of my friends with with my mom to pick out a movie from Blockbuster. The sales associates had messed up something on her account and had accidentally miss charged her. According to my friends it went down in that store, my mom is usually able to make great relationships with people but do something wrong and she will let you know. And supposedly that’s what she did, she let them know, thing is I guess no one had ever done that before. Till this day they all know her name, even the new ones, and they know not to mess up anything…it only takes once for people to get things right with my mom.

Recently she has developed a major obsession with henna. She seems to know where every Indian market in the area is, surprisingly there are a lot in Arlington.

So today we went out on a little trip around the city, we got some biryani rice which we have yet to eat, I got some green tea (<3) from an Asian supermarket, and my mom, of course, got some henna designs on her hand.

After we left she decided she wanted to get her other hand done by the lady she usually gets it done from, the phone conversation went a little something like this:

Mom: Hi, I’d like to schedule an appointment to get some henna done on my left hand.

Lady: huh?

Mom: henna, you know the designs you draw on your hands

Lady: oh yes, sorry…we have an opening on Tuesday.

Mom: okay, I’m black

Lady: what?

Mom: I’m African American, you know I’m have dark skin so I need the dark henna?

Lady: black henna, we don’t have that, henna is red.

Mom: yes i know that but you used darker henna the last time, remember me I was the black girl who came to get henna done last week. (seriously “the black girl”)

Lady: oh yes for your high school reunion (why I don’t know)

Mom: yes, sighing impatiently, that’s me

Lady: Okay does Tuesday at 3pm work for you

Mom: yes that’s fine, thanks

Mom: what, she said, seeing my facial expression (I have a very expressive face when I want to…natural talent lol)

Me: was all of that really necessary?

Mama: well you know sometimes that’s how you have to say it, I knew if I said I was black shed remember me, it’s not like many black people go up in there

Me: okay, whatever I said, laughing to myself.

And that folks basically sums up our relationship…she makes me laugh and provide the commentary to back up her hilarious life…I love you mother 🙂

Feel free to share interesting quirks about your mothers, fathers, other family members an friends in the comment section below.


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