I Have a Personal Library…and a Kindle

Once again…I’m guilty as charged (yeah, it happens a lot).

So I’ve been a book lover since I could read, I remember trying to read War and Peace in 5th grade…hahaha fail. It’s always been my dream and goal to have like this huge library in my house. You almost never can catch me without a book. Oh and also….I was that person who could give you over 50 reasons for why ebooks were bad.

For starters they don’t have that book smell, you can’t flip the pages, eReaders have an on and off switch…seriously…oh and lastly one of the most popular eReaders is called the Kindle. Um, are you kidding me, a Kindle, I camp so when I think of the word kindle I think of something that helps to start a fire and when I think of fire I definitely do not think of books. Trust me I read Fahrenheit 451, I know what happens in takeovers of countries….they burn the books so by an eReader hinting that by buying it, you will start fires and give way to a society that is electronic and no longer uses real books…haha whatever, I thought, I will never be buying you.

Jk (well not exactly, I didn’t buy it but still)…

My parents were always complaining about how if someone gave me money for food or gas I’d rather starve (yeah right) or walk (haha I live in Texas, not going to happen) and use the money to buy books instead (only some of it). They also didn’t like how the library was always calling about my library fines (the library only let’s you check out books for a certain period of time, what a girl to do…I pay them eventually)

So before going to college, because I had way too many books and couldn’t take them with me…(I wasn’t actually going to take all of them, just a few πŸ™‚ ) my dad got me a Kindle, and I rarely refuse gifts, especially ones from my dad.

**Side Note: my dad has a Kindle too and my brother has a Kindle Fire (not so subtle this time huh).

Also my dad is the type who used to say things like: always have hard copies of books so that the “powers that be” (my words not his) couldn’t go in and change (read: delete) things, with eBooks they can)…then he got a Kindle, but he doesn’t use it as much…I wonder why..**

So I started using the Kindle, it’s not bad, it’s good for PDFs, and buying books cheap (not as cheap as a used book store though), and I like being able to store multiple books on it, read samples and carry it around without breaking my back (I nearly killed myself in elementary school…people always wonder why my backpack is so heavy, now you know).

But in the end my Kindle doesn’t and never will replace my books. I had a nightmare one time that instead of my library full of books I opened the library door to find ashes with only my Kindle left standing.

So now I have changed the dream to accommodate my library full of books and my Kindle. Inside my Kindle goes books by my favorite author that, as an uber busy college student, I don’t have time to go buy from a bookstore, as well as books that caught my fancy yet aren’t the loves of my life. I still buy books all of the time, I try to resist while I am at college (no where to store them 😦 ) but I hear Boston has some great used bookstores so no promises.

All I’m really trying to say is that you can have both, and don’t be embarrassed or deal bad. People tried to make me feel guilty by saying things like, “oh look what the world is coming to now Patrice has a Kindle” or “so you are forsaking hard copies” no I am not. I just had to be practical, with my Kindle my love for reading and books was able to come to college with me, so while I am no Kindle spokesperson I do owe it some thanks.

Sure the two mediums will never be equal, in my eyes, and sure there are times when I have to have a hard copy, I read better that way, but for now it will do πŸ™‚

I know there are more of you ebook and hard book lovers like me so share your trials below πŸ™‚


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